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How new is the new buyer

Are new buyers really new? What exactly is a new buyer? All will be revealed in this edition of the Sales Chat Show.

The science and psychology of human decision making

How do humans make decisions? If you can tap into that process you can sell more. Discover how people make decisions in this episode of the Sales Chat Show, and find out what you can do to make the decisions good for you.

Are salespeople an endangered species?

Salespeople might not be needed any longer as more and more people buy from websites. Or is there a special place for salespeople in the buying process? Find out what we think in this latest episode.


Why Manipulation Doesn’t Buy You Customer Loyalty

You want loyal customers, that’s for┬ásure. But as revealed in this edition of the Sales Chat Show, sometimes businesses manipulate messages to gain that loyalty. And customers don’t like that…!


What makes a good sales proposal?

What do you need to include in your sales proposal to make it truly persuasive? In this edition of the Sales Chat Show, we discuss what the top proposals do.